A Glimpse of Telematics Device

Since 1985, ERM is developing and manufacturing advanced solutions for vehicle security. Today, ERM is very proud of their market position. They reached a position where they are known as the cost effective, robust performing, easy to use, fast implementing vehicle monitoring device providers. After using the devices consumers agree that they are completely satisfied with the device and this is what they were looking for.

The firm offers high quality and unique telematics solutions for fleet managing companies. These technologically advanced solutions are proven to be best devices for vehicle tracking, vehicle monitoring and an effective solution in an event of vehicle theft. These smart tools are efficient fleet management service providers allowing them to offer better solutions to their customers.

Fleet managing companies have benefited much from these driver monitoring solution services. Now they can see improvement in driver safety, driver productivity, customer service, reduction in operational costs, enhanced vehicle security and helping them to implement training period.

Moreover, they can also pre-set alerts on various parameters such as over speeding, enter and exit in Geo fenced areas, parking location, hard steering, braking, accelerating etc. These devices are best in monitoring fuel tank in events of fuel theft or refueling, even when the ignition is off. Thus, one can say you will be notified in misconduct use of the vehicles. These devices are featured to use up to 4 temperature sensors. Apart from monitoring driver behavior they can also contact them through voice calls including eCall and bCall.

ERM offers telematics solutions which converts original vehicle data into clear and simple information. These devices have powerful battery backup for prolonged operation.