Safety First - Driver Behavior and BlackBox

Driver behaviorThe success of any fleet-oriented business is usually dependent upon two main factors – the vehicles and the drivers. ERM’s driver monitoring system, equipped with GPS tracking, provides accurate information on the driver’s behavior, making it possible for the fleet manager to closely track any dangerous or wasteful driving behavior and respond quickly. At the same time, ERM’s solution for driver behavior monitoring alerts the driver when he performs dangerous maneuvers, helping him to be more aware of any dangerous behavior in real-time, thus providing an educating tool for adopting safe driving habits.

Market research shows that in the long run monitoring and preventing unsafe driving behavior will lead to a substantial reduction in fuel expenses and vehicle wear and tear.

With ERM’s driver behavior monitoring solution, the fleet manager can closely track the drivers’ conduct and habits as they are out on delivery routes. While in the past it was impossible for managers to oversee driving habits such as high-speed driving in turns or roundabouts, dangerous deviations, or even off road driving along the way, now with ERM’s driver monitoring solution it is very simple to get real time information and make the needed adjustments in order to ensure safe and eco driving.

By monitoring the driver’s behavior, the fleet manager can reduce fuel consumption expenses which is usually a very significant factor affecting overall revenues.


Monitor Driver behavior and Increase Fuel Efficiency

  • Use driver monitoring (speeding, acceleration, harsh braking) and on-board diagnostics to reduce vehicle wear and tear, and operating and fuel costs.
  • Reduce maintenance costs, equipment failures and help prevent theft by monitoring a variety of sensors.

Streamline Logistics and Improve Customer Service

Be aware of road accidents

  • Black box records 75 seconds before, during and after the accident.
  • Ability to reconstruct the maneuvers that led to the accident and what exactly happened to the vehicle during the accident
  • Understand who among the participants in the accident is responsible

Highest standards of driver safety tracking

Driver, vehicle and cargo safety is the most important aspect and concern of the fleet owner/manager. The right driver behavior GPS technology can keep the driver safe and prevent unexpected expenses. ERM Telematics solution – The eSafe, offers a sophisticated solution, adjusted to the type of vehicle on which it is installed, for best accuracy in monitoring the driver’s driving quality and safety. ERM’s monitoring solutions are easy to install and simple to use. They offer huge benefits regarding both the service provider’s ease in conducting the service, the operation of the customer’s business, and for productivity.

How can you monitor expenses more effectively?

The driver monitoring systems can easily track the behaviors of the driver and maximize his efficiency and work capacity.

No matter what your business is, if you want to increase profit margins and reduce unnecessary expenses, while providing safety to your drivers, cargo and vehicles, ERM’s eSafe driver behavior monitor and blackbox is the answer for you!