ERM Newsletter | July 2017

ERM Newsletter | July 2017
Meir Hayman
“When your dreams are limited by your knowledge you have, just use your imagination”
This is the motto that leads us at ERM and helps guide us in the telematics and connected cars world. In the past year, we have been busy imagining and making our dreams a reality. With more than 1.5M telematics devices sold globally, ERM continues to work on solutions that will enable our partners to lead their markets and grow their businesses.

During the last couple of months, ERM has been focusing on adding wireless connectivity to our products. As part of our Wireless Connectivity Strategy, our devices will be capable of ‘talking’ to each other and to the vehicle, wirelessly. This strategy will open a whole new world of possibilities, functions and ease of installation for the benefit of our partners and their customers.

We are on the verge of releasing a unique Mobile Application with exciting new features that will adapt itself to the needs and habits of the driver, present relevant information at the right time and even enable vehicle operations at a touch of a phone button. This app will continue to evolve and allow our partners to offer added value to their customers, strengthen their relationship and extend their reach into the aftermarket.

As part of ERM’s goal to provide valuable information and Customized Solutions for niche segments per demand, we are constantly developing new tools to enable our service provider partners to generate new revenue streams by competing in new markets and operate in a more productive manner, while increasing their business.

This is only the beginning as we will continue to imagine, innovate and provide our partners with breakthrough solutions to lead their markets and grow their businesses.

Wishing you all a wonderful summer and drive safely.
Meir Hayman, founder and CEO.
New Solutions
Wireless Fuel Sensor - Coming Soon!
Our new Wireless Fuel Sensor! Making the installation simple and fast. The fuel sensor provides reports on different events such as fuel theft and refueling, as well as fuel level readings.

It is designed for trucks fuel tanks and monitor changes even when ignition is off. The fuel sensor is designed to be integrated with our Bluetooth enabled StarLink devices, which can support up to 6 different fuel sensors.
The combination of wireless fuel reading abilities and alerts even when ignition is off, makes the new fuel sensor a perfect solution for fuel management and fuel theft prevention.
StarLink TrackerWi-Fi
StarLink TrackerWi-Fi is the most recent and advanced development from the StarLink product line. With its Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Hot Spot and 4G cellular communication capabilities, it represents the ultimate solution for connected car, as well as fleet management and Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) operations.
This solution can provide information regarding abnormal driving behavior, including broad maneuvers such as reckless driving, accidents, speed violation and more. It can significantly improve fleet management capabilities and performances.

IT World Award  - Gold Medal

ERM won the gold medal award for the Best IT Solution for Transportation at the 12th Annual IT World Awards.

ERM won this award recognition for its eSafe accessory used by fleet management and telematics service providers, offering driver behavior monitoring services as part of an overall fleet management service.
Vehicle Recovery – Case Study

A few months ago, in the United States, one of Ituran USA clients, a Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) car dealership, discovered that around 125 of its customers that were behind on their loan payments had managed to disconnect the StarLink tracking device, which made recovering each vehicle much more complicated.
What these customers didn’t know is that for a long time the Starlink device was reporting every day the vehicle's ‘parking habits’, which provides historical parking location, duration and time of the day. This information enabled the car dealer to predict where each of these missing vehicles would be at certain times, improving the probability of repossessing these cars.
In a large-scale operation, all the vehicles were successfully located and repossessed.
Fraud of this magnitude would have caused the car dealership a possible bankruptcy. Thanks to ERM’s patented Parking Habits* solution, all of the vehicles were successfully repossessed in a period of two weeks!
* The Parking Habits solution, is a registered patent by ERM & Ituran USA.

Summer Tip

What is a more fuel-efficient way to cool your car during the hot warm summer months – driving with windows open or turning on the A/C?

A study performed by the Society of Automotive Engineers found that when driving at relatively low speeds, it is better to roll down the windows to use less fuel. But when traveling at higher speeds of around 80 km per hour (50 mph) or faster, air conditioning is usually more efficient


Customer Support Portal

We started working with a new customers portal, which will allow our customers to open support cases online and follow their progress and status.

For more details, please contact your account manager.
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