ERM Newsletter | September 2018

ERM Newsletter | September 2018
During 2018 we have been working energetically on developing new technologies that will assist you, our partners, in providing cutting-edge solutions to your customers.

For our newest solutions, we have placed special emphasis on protection and safety: We have a new Cyber Solution, suited for after-market implementation for protecting connected vehicles; We launched a Wi-Fi enabled tracking device that transforms every vehicle into a connected vehicle, with built-in safety features for real-time behavior monitoring; We also offer tools for Drivers’ alerts and education to encourage safe driving habits.

In this newsletter we are proud to introduce to you our newest products and offers, intended to create advantages for our partners. Most of them are already available for purchase, and have been successfully integrated in fleets all around the world. 

We encourage you to contact us with any idea, request or need you might have, and we promise to face any challenge and invest our best R&D resources to find and develop the best solution as fast as we can.


Wishing you all a fruitful and imaginative year,
Kfir Lavi, Sr. Vice President 

Cyber Solution for Vehicles

We have recently completed development of an integrated hardware-software product that protects vehicles against ransomware and other cyber-attacks.

The patented solution, called eCyber, is suited for both OEMs and the aftermarket.
It is installed between the vehicle's external communications device and the vehicle’s CAN Bus (Controller Area Network Bus). The eCyber performs as a secure gateway for outside communications to the CAN Bus, allowing only communications with predefined and known parameters and values to go through. At the same time, it immediately blocks any unrecognized communications to and from the CAN Bus. In this way, no malicious digital communications can disrupt the functioning of the vehicle. 

Click Here to read an article from Transport Security World, reviewing the eCyber.
StarLink Tracker with Wi-Fi for Connected Car

Connected Car unit, which integrates tracking, driver behavior monitoring, theft prevention, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 4G capabilities in a single device.

The StarLink Tracker with Wi-Fi turns any vehicle in which it is installed into a Connected Car. The product creates Wi-Fi hotspot in the vehicle for up to 8 devices. It features 4G cellular modem, GPS/GLONASS/Galileo location module and an ability to navigate inside underground parking lots or in mines; internal antennas, emergency button support and built-in data logger.

StarLink Tracker with Wi-Fi is the first product under ERM's new Wireless Connect strategy, which aims to use wireless technologies to provide its partners - vehicle fleet management companies, vehicle manufacturers and importers and car insurance companies - with a competitive edge. 

Check out what Automotive World had to say about this product. 
For Downloading the product's brochoure and technical specifications, Click Here.

New Safety Solutions for Drivers

We have developed some new add-ons that will help the fleet manager ensure the safety of the drivers, the vehicles, and the cargo. The add-ons are intended to provide a clear notification to the driver when he performs a dangerous or aggressive maneuver, thus assisting him in improving his driving skills and encouraging him to drive more carefully.

eVoice - Audial Alerting system

The eVoice is a speaker that provides spoken driver alerts. The alerts can be pre-set and personalized, so that in different situations triggered by ERM's wide range of devices (such as dangerous maneuvers or other events)  the eVoice will issue the pre-defined audial alert, according to the event. 

eFlash SF - Dashboard Keypad

The eFlash SF is a tool for alerting and educating drivers in real time regarding unsafe driving behavior, such as - aggressive acceleration, braking and turning. It also provides one-click driver assistance in emergency cases. In events of unsafe driving, the eFlashSF generates both sound and visual alerts.

New! Complete Tracking and Data Package 

We are happy to announce our all-in-one hardware and data package: a complete solution that includes a tracking device and a SIM card. We started providing this package in order to save our customers the hassle of communicating with additional suppliers and service providers.

By creating this bundle of tracking, communication and data as one package, we are able to offer a very competitive price. Contact us for more details.  

We have a new website!

The new website includes information on our selection of technologies and solutions, as well as recommendations on the most suitable devices for each solution.