How Are They Driving?

ERM’s eSafe vehicle driver behavior and ‘black box’ device is designed to enable fleet managers to monitor the safety of their vehicles and save money on fuel costs and insurance claims.

ERM Advanced Telematics has developed the eSafe driver behavior and ‘black box’ for cars and trucks which not only records vehicle movements before an accident, but also transmits real-time reports on driver behavior.
eSafe is designed to help companies to monitor careless drivers, increase driver safety and reduce vehicle maintenance costs. It can be easily installed deep inside the vehicle, out of reach of the driver, communicating with but separate from the GPS tracking device.

eSafe takes 1,000 readings per second, measuring the vehicle’s acceleration and the pressures exerted on the vehicle’s three axles. A uniquealgorithm interprets this data and registers incidents of 22 maneuvers, including sudden lane changing, harsh braking, off-road driving and other careless actions, identifying driver behavior as normal, aggressive or dangerous.

eSafe is easy to install and designed to integrate with fleet management systems. As well as powering a visual alert system for the driver, the device stores the data from the last 3 journeys and automatically transmits its maneuver-alert data to the server via ERM StarLink telematics tracking device. Following an accident this ‘black box’, which is designed to withstand pressures of +- 8G and to measure even slight bumps, can be interrogated to examine all the maneuvers made by the vehicle leading up to the incident and 25 seconds after it. This enables the owner or the fleet manager, to analyze exactly what happened and what actions were taken by the driver to avoid the accident if any…

Since launching eSafe, at 2010, market experience shows that companies who have installed and used the eSafe have seen up to 30% reductions in fleet maintenance costs and fuel consumption. Some customers use the reported data as the basis for discussions with their employees about driving more carefully and economically. eSafe has been very well received by police and armed forces, who install it in all their vehicles, and other public sector organizations that closely monitor the performance of their drivers and vehicles.

ERM is looking for partners around the world to integrate eSafe into their own applications, to update and improve their solutions for fleet management and stolen vehicle recovery.