Keypad Accessories

ERM Keyoad Accessories
10-digits keypad
5-digits keypad

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The 5/10-digits keypads are multifunctioned and can be used for driver identification, immobilizer, panic button, trip type setting and speed dialing.

The keypads buttons are made of silicon and can be customized and replaced for additional uses.


10-Digit Keypad IP67

IP67 touch pad accessory. Available with eNet3 communication protocol. For indoor / outdoor environment.


5-Digit Keypad

Accessory for on-dashboard installation. Available with eNet2 / eNet3 communication protocols.

With ERM’s Keypad, each driver has his own unique digital password (1-5 digits). Upon entering the vehicle the driver punches in his password on the Keypad.


When added to ERM’s StarLink device, it is possible to set:
•  Up to 500 different codes for Driver Identification
•  3 different trip-types (Work / Private / Weekend / etc.)
•  Up to 5 phone numbers for speed dialing