StarLink OnBATT

StarLink OnBATT
StarLink OnBATT with its harness

Compact and Waterproof Tracking Device

StarLink OnBATT is a small size vehicle tracking device, designed to enable fast installation on a vehicle battery. StarLink OnBATT supports applications such as UBI (usage based insurance) and provides water proof casing, standard Short Range wireless communication for accessories, add-ons and integration with mobile apps.

StarLink OnBATT comes with ERM’s Safety technology, which provides real-time information regarding unsafe driving behavior, such as careless driving, accidents, speed violations etc. It automatically identifies 20 different maneuver types, in 3 severity levels - Regular, Aggressive, and Dangerous.

As part of ERM’s Safety technology StarLink OnBATT is also equiped with ‘Black-Box’ mode, that detects real-time accident events and stores all the data before and after the accident, with a high sampling rate of 100 times per second for accurate post-accident analysis.

For installation simply tape the device on top of the vehicle’s battery, connect the power and the device is installed and operational.

Multiple cellular support The device comes with two cellular communication technology to choose from: 2G (GPRS), 4G (LTE - with selected band width and CAT implementations: CAT-M1, CAT1 with fallback to 3G/2G) modules.
Short Range wireless communication | Bluetooth The device comes with two way standard short range RF communication module. Which can be used to transmit data between the device and a mobile phone/tablet or read data from variety of external sensors and tags.
Safety Technology 3D high sensitivity accelerometer and gyro supported with ERM's Safety technology for Driving Behavior analysis and BlackBox feature. The technology can identify 20 maneuver types in 3 levels. The functionality offers event based driving behavior alerts and also detailed histogram reporting features.
Ignition Port The device comes with additional dedicated port and wire for Ignition state.