Tire Pressure and Temperature Monitoring

External Devices Adaptors (EDA).

ERM offers adaptors for a veriety of applications and external devices:



External Device Adaptor for Tire Pressure.

The EDA TPMS provides real-time connectivity to TPMS devices, enabling tire pressure monitoring, and when connected to ERM's Starlink device, can provide alerts whenever exceptional events are identified.

TPMS sensors can be installed either internaly or externally to the tires, transmitting data both to the server and to the driver’s dashboard monitor.


  • Internal or external tire sensors
  • Supports up to 32 tires
  • Easy installation
  • Real-time tire data monitoring


EDA Temperature 

Used for Cold Chain applications and are able to measure and alert temperature change. In addition, the EDA Temperature / Digital Output Extender can also be used to enable up to 4 digital outputs


EDA Garmin

The EDA Garmin is used to enable external device connectivity over the RS232 communication channel.

The Garmin EDA is programmed to work with Garmin navigation software installed on a PND with RS232 HW interface.


EDA Analog

The Analog Adaptor is used to connect two additional analog input values via the StarLink eNet communication interface. The adaptor is capable of supporting up to 2 analog inputs with a voltage range: 0-5V - 0-12V.



The EDA is used to enable external device connectivity over the RS232 communication channel


EDA Camera

The EDA Camera purpose is to enable using a CIF camera with the StarLink device and send pictures over the cellular network to the server.

The EDA is designed to operate with camera model - TBD