Moving Objects Monitoring.

eCom is used for monitoring and tracking people and moving objects at a close range, such as - children on the way to and at school, employees on premises, waste bins handled by waste trucks, assets when in warehouses or lifted by lorries, and other moving objects related applications.

The eCom solution consists of a StarLink TrackerBT (tracking device with a BLE component) transmitter and a tCoin receiver. The tracking unit communicates with the tCoin, receiving information regarding its identity and location.

Using ERM’s protocol, the tCoin will then report its location to the StarLink TrackerBT based on certain conditions such as time of day, location or movement. The StarLink TrackerBT will then report the identified tCoin ID to the server.


eCom can be used for:

  • Transporting passengers. Each passenger is equipped with tCoin, which is identified once the passenger has boarded. The StarLink TrackerBT then detects whether the passenger in onboard, and sends a list of boarded and/or disembarked tags.
  • Monitoring trash bins. The tCoin is attached to each bin, and sends a pick-up confirmation once it identifies that the bin has been lifted by the garbage truck.