StarLink SVR

StarLink SVR

Tracking and Recovery Device.

StarLink SVR is a vehicle tracking device, designed for Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) operations, and Fleet Management location-based services.

The StarLink SVR features a small design, enhanced GPS performance, an internal backup battery and very low power consumption mode of operation. It offers easy installation process, with maximum concealment.

The StarLink SVR is ideal for applications such as:   
•   Location-based operations for fleet management
•   Locating a stolen vehicle
•   Auto rental management


Key Features:

  • 2G Quad band modem
  • Dedicated single wire com port, for using a wide range of accessories
  • Output Logic Programming (OLP) for complex output signal generation
  • Vehicle battery diagnostics: charge, voltage and life (SoH)
  • Firmware and configuration update Over The Air
  • Embedded Cellular and GPS antennas
  • GPS/GLONASS 99 channels location module
  • Cellular jamming detection