StarLink Tracker SF

Tracking with Driving Behavior Monitoring.

StarLink TrackerSF is a vehicle tracking device, combined with driving behavior monitoring. 

StarLink TrackerSF provides real-time information regarding unsafe driving behavior, including maneuvers such as: careless driving, accidents, speed violations etc., which can significantly improve fleet management capabilities and performances.

The StarLink TrackerSF identifies 20 maneuver types, in 3 levels: Normal, Aggressive, Dangerouse.


StarLink TrackerSF includes:

  • Embedded Cellular/GPS antennas
  • 2G Quad band GSM or 3G Dual Band modem
  • 99 channels GPS/GLONASS location module
  • Cellular jamming detection

The StarLink TrackerSF is highly recommended for use in security, fleet management, insurance, rental and leasing services companies.