eVoice - Driver alerts

Driver Alerts Solution.

The eVoice is a speaker that provides driver alerts. The alerts can be pre-set and personalized, so that in different situations, the eVoice will issue a relevant alert according to the event. 

Once a driver performs a dangerous maneuver, or a predefined event occures, an audial will be issued to the driver, letting him know in real time that he performed a safety violation, hence enabling the driver to improve his driving behavior during his trip. For example, whenever the drive performs a safety violations, a behavior alert will be played. Or when there is a speed camera on the road ahead, a ‘slow down’ alert will be played.

Audial alerts can be issued as a digital beeping sound or a voice message alerting the driver with a specific pre-recorded sentence. With a user-friendly software, the fleet manager can easily set rules and determine the specific alert that will be issued to each event.