Manage your Fleet in a Better Way

A Glimpse of Telematics Device

Since 1985, ERM is developing and manufacturing advanced solutions for vehicle security. Today, ERM is very proud of their market position. They reached a position where they are known as the cost effective, robust performing, easy to use, fast implementing vehicle monitoring device providers. After using the devices consumers agree that they are completely satisfied with the device and this is what they were looking for.

Driver Monitoring Systems

Many of the fleet managers urge the need to monitor their workers, track delivery progress and make sure that everything is right and safe, be it assets, vehicle or the driver.

There are many challenges faced by the managers and it becomes even tougher when there is no clue about the journey. Sometimes drivers are enticed to assemble for lunch or make pointless stops. These idle activities can be held responsible for large amount of losses in profits for organization.

The final solution: Driver monitoring system