Driver Behavior

Driver Beahavior

Reports and research from all over the world show that the ability to monitor the driver’s behavior in fleet vehicles can contribute to reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the entire fleet up to 15-20%. This can be reflected in the reduction of expenses such as fuel consumption, vehicle wear and tear, accidents, insurance premiums, downtime for vehicle maintenance and repairs, etc.

ERM offers a modular solution for the monitoring of driver behavior and for alerting of aggressive driving behavior. This solution is designed to allow simple and fast implementation in vehicle fleet management services.


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Regardless of the vehicle type it’s installed in, ERM’s solution can analyze and alert behavior violations of as many as 20 predefined maneuver types, in 3 severity levels. The solution enables service providers to grade each driver’s behavior while keeping compatibility with the vehicle type and its specific behavior and generates true alerts to both the driver and the fleet manager in real time.

ERM’s Driver Behavior solution provides an accurate diagnosis of the driving behavior and the severity of each maneuver, based on a sensitive sensor and dedicated technology developed for assuring the accuracy of its reports, as well as information generated by interfacing with the vehicle CANbus. Reading parameters such as brake and gas pedal use, fuel consumption and more.