ERM’s AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) technology is used for tracking and telematics applications: connected car, different logistics applications, vehicle diagnostics, driver and passenger safety and more. Using ERM’s AVL technology is making it possible for the fleet manager to track the vehicle locations in real time and have better control over the fleet and drivers’ performances.

ERM’s AVL technology is used as the foundation of any solution we offer our partners and customers, and it is unique in the market thanks to its high flexibility and modularity.

AVL technology enables quick and simple integration process by using Single-Wire-Interface and a flat dynamic protocol that on-the-fly builds the transmitted record with only the selected parameters that were initially requested, and also in the form that was predefined by the partner for server integration.

The technology also supports almost unlimited additional features enrichment, as external add-ons and accessories, physically connected to its proprietary Single-Wire-Interface.