Driver behavior monitoring

ERM’s Driving Behavior technology answers the need to educate drivers, while they drive, and simultaneously log their behavior for management and future use. The Driving Behavior technology includes a 3-dimentional black box application that provides accurate and relevant information regarding the driver’s activities and maneuvers before and during an accident event.

ERM’s Driving Behavior distinguishes between different types of maneuvers, and reports violation according to the level of severity. The technology was designed for simple and fast implementation, and thus differentiate between different types of vehicles, allowing accurate reporting.

During an accident event, the Driving Behavior technology automatically launches its black-box feature that logs 75 seconds before and after the impact. The data is registered in a very high sampling rate (1mS) including time stamp and location of each sample record, thereby enabling very accurate and detailed accident reconstruction and analysis for the fleet manager and/or insurance companies use.