ERM has developed several technologies for automotive security and cyber-attacks prevention for the automotive sector and the cyber security market.

ERM’s patented technology for cyber-attacks prevention is designed to protect vehicles against ransomware and other cyber-attacks from external communication interfaces.

Cyber technology is suited for both OEMs and aftermarket implementations, and is designed to protect against unauthorized breach through external communication interfaces such as an OBD plug, Bluetooth module, an infotainment system and similar.

For more traditional vehicle security protection, ERM has developed technology to delay the thieves as much as possible. The technology includes an immobilization system with a wireless interface, control over vehicle doors and windows and a set of sensors for towing alert and vehicle breach.

With ERM’s advanced Vehicle Security and Cyber technology, OEM’s and vehicle distributors can obtain direct communication with their customers for long-term periods, while securing their customers vehicle CANbus, preventing hacking, and monitoring breaches and towing attempts.

Fleet managers can benefit from after-market implementations of ERM’s technologies and have better protection while monitoring their vehicle fleets, receiving real-time alerts on each security related event.