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Karma Product

Karma is a revolutionary cloud-based software for fleet management. The Karma is an intuitive, easy to use and simple to understand platform. It offers fleet managers clear and rich real-time visual information and tools to manage and monitor the fleets vehicles, drivers, and the roads they use on a daily basis. The Karma solution was designed with one focus in mind - to create a professional decision-making tool, that offers a user-friendly way to manage fleets.

Karma uses multilingual, simple and highly intuitive user interface (Web), that presents both vehicle and driver activities, as well as road Points Of Interests. Karmas main logic is based on a smart algorithm that provides answers to any written questions. The Karma presents simple reports, that provide the fleet manager with the required information, as well as additional related information, thus creating a clear picture of the requested subject.

The Karma provides a pleasing experience in managing fleets, with minimum implementation time and maximum operational efficiency for every user, whether a fleet manager, operation manger or a company owner.

ERMs Karma is designed to be a simple assistance tool, that can be used and operated by anyone. The Karma solution offers its users with a powerful business intelligence (BI) mechanism, a full-fledged notification system by email, SMS or PC pop-ups, numerous events base and predefined important information about different types of data - all managed and handled by Karma.

Its simple operation method enables ERMs partners to focus on their business growth instead of investing in administrative customer support, IT or R&D personnel.