StarLink App - STARLINX

StarLinX App

ERM StarLink technology for telematics is now available also as a Mobile Service for drivers and fleet users, enabling better communication and connectivity between the owner and his vehicle together with driver's comfort functionality !

STARLINX mobile app uses a mobile phones as the platform for the service, enabling both cellular connectivity to report and log information on a cloud server and local wireless communication with additional hardware sensor/s to support various functionalities, such as:

  • Drive Types Selection
  • Driver Identification
  • Driver Behavior monitoring
  • Accident Detection
  • Location and Routing

In parallel, STARLINX offers better and more closer Owner/Vehicle relationship, by supporting vehicle operational management functionality, such as:

  • Remote controlling of the vehicle doors, windows, trunk, hood etc*
  • Remote immobilization control
  • Vehicle Documentation Record
  • Service Providers details
  • Direct Calling for SOS / Road Side Assistance

and many more to follow...


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* Based on vehicle support