ERM’s Wireless Connect technology aims to enable wireless connectivity between its wide range of hardware products and selected add-ons, accessories and sensors.

The Wireless Connect is implemented by using multiple communication technologies to support more wireless sensing and data transmit abilities both for in-vehicle use and for connected vehicles.

The Wireless Connect technology supports various protocols such as: IEEE 802.11x, BLE4.0 and proprietary RF protocols, and also embedded communication modules by using 2G, 3G and 4G cellular generations.

ERM's Wireless Connect technology also enables the support of various IoT applications, for example: In-vehicle Wi-Fi Hot Spot and Wi-Fi Telematics, wireless tagging, mobile phone or tablet communication using Bluetooth and others.

ERM’s Wireless Connect ensures quick and easy installation by using wireless sensors, integration to mobile terminals / phones and the ability to offer wireless communication services to users and third-party devices in the vehicle (multimedia streaming, ELD supported devices, etc.)